Automatic sanding machine

Universal model for industrial use for wood sanding, veneer sanding and lacquer sanding

1 bis 8 Schleifstationen

The KSF series possesses the WEBER sanding technology with the patented ISA/ISD segmented platen system. All WEBER sanding and brushing stations can be integrated into it in any desired sequence. It can also be combined with its own brushing machine, which is equipped with special lengthwise and crosswise brushes.

WEBER KSF Technical data

Operating widths 1350 and 1600 mm

Segmented platen ISA/ISD

Version with 1 to 8 sanding stations

Multi panel MP 277

Calibrating roller drive up to 37 kW

“i-Touch” controller

Infinitely variable feed speed (3–25 m/min)

Flexible arrangement of sanding stations

Sanding belt length 2620 mm

Universal sanding lamella

Sanding belt drive with frequency control