Industrial Robotics & Automation Solutions

Automated process

Sorting, stacking and workpiece handling - all this is offered by the modular palletizing and sorting system. The System complements the follow-up process to the WEBER grinding machine and thus offers a perfect interface to the further operating steps and workpieces. The handling system, consisting of the core components industrial robot, optical recognition system and conveyor belt, localizes and identifies the workpieces entering the cell. These are taught fully automatic and are intelligently stored on a euro pallet.


Human machine interface

Using the Touch Panel "Rob Simple Control" user interface, the operator can simply activate the teaching operation and monitor the current process. These are precisely grasped regardless of the centre of gravity and geometry. The gripping point of the workpieces is automatically detected by the system. The operator does not require any programming or robot knowledge.


Flexibility in the batch

Wood/metal/plastics - small/large. Regarding the flexibility, the system offers changeable robot tools in order to react to die variety of the workpiece geometry. The work width of the conveyor can be flexibly selected, according to the requirements of the customer.


Facts and figures

-    Workspace individually adapted to meet customer requirements
-    Handling by Scara 4-axis or 6-axis articulated arm robot from Stäubli (depending on requirements)
-    Fully automated teaching of workpieces
-    Intelligent palletizing and sorting
-    All teached parts can be stacked in mixed operation
-    Variable size and geometry of the workpieces
-    Size of the workpieces up to 250 x 250 x 10 mm (if required, larger workpieces can also be possible)
-    Conveyor belt working width 300 to 1100 mm