Wide belt sanding machine

The entry-level model from WEBER for wood sanding and veneer sanding

1 to 2 sanding stations

The LCS series possesses the WEBER sanding technology with the patented ISA segmented platen system within the framework of a single or double belt version. The single belt machine is equipped with a combined station, the double belt machine has a contact roller station as well as a combined station. Calibrating and finish sanding can be performed individually or in combination.

WEBER LCS Technical data

Operating widths upwards of 1100 and
1300 mm

Segmented platen ISA

Version with 1 to 2 sanding stations

Combined button and touch screen operation

Calibrating roller drive up to 15 kW

Automatic workpiece thickness setting

Infinitely variable feed speed (1–10 m/min)

Universal sanding lamella

Sanding belt length 1900 mm