• Weber


WEBER Specials – for even more efficient operation

Automatic workpiece thickness measurement – for time-saving work
Automatic translation of the workpiece thickness to the machine opening simplifies adjustments and saves time. Thus, a superb sanding result can be achieved immediately.

WEBER vacuum blower – for precisely positioned workpiece transport
The vacuum version of the table can be used for better and more secure workpiece transport. To this end, the conveyor belt and transport table are perforated. A high performance blower creates a vacuum in the table body and draws the workpieces to the conveyor belt with suction. This increases the adhesion to the conveyor belt and transports the perfectly positioned workpieces through the machine.

WEBER dust brushes – for completely dust-free surfaces
Dust brushes at the machine outfeed clean the remaining sanding dust from the sanded workpieces. A dust-free surface is prerequisite for subsequent lacquering